Change the location of the start button

Anonyme il y a 6 ans mis à jour par V@no il y a 4 ans 2

I would like to request an option to change the location of the Start button, like:
Show Start button:
  • default
  • at beginning of the taskbar
  • at end of the taskbar
  • at end of the taskbar after the notification area
If you dock the taskbar to the side, the start button shows on top:

The Start button at the top of the taskbar it's a bit unpractical, it would be nice if the button was at the bottom of the taskbar.

As a bonus if it reorder the button from bottom-up instead of top-down, it would be nice too.
Perhaps even change the left-to-rigth when the taskbar is docked at the bottom or top of the desktop (I don't really need this though).
Echoing this. I'd like to re-order the whole taskbar, so Start at the bottom, then applications, then systray and finally clock and show desktop button at the top.

IMO tray and clock should stay at the bottom, above the start menu, but everything else should aligned to the bottom too, above the tray (aka first opened windows is at the bottom, next one is above it and so on)

You can see how natural it feels with DisplayFusion program...