Rearrange Jump List

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Would it be possible to have 7+ Taskbar Tweaker allow us to rearrange the items in a Jump List?  Microsoft used to allow this in Windows 7, but the feature is no longer available in Windows 10.  Perhaps your awesome app can restore this lost functionality that is sorely missed by so many people?

FYI, this can be done in Win10, just not as easily or intuitively. Open file explorer and rearrange the items in the left pane under "Quick access."  These are the same items that are in the jump list. That said, it should still be able to be done via the jump list, and if it would be a quick thing to add I say go for it, but personally I wouldn't suggest wasting much time on it since it can still be done, isn't that hard, and shouldn't have to be done often. The main advantage of adding it back to the jump list is that it would prevent people from thinking it can't be done or having to dig looking for how to do it.

To me, the really big issue here is that the quick access list and the jump list are the same thing. Personally, I prefer being able to set them up differently. Maybe 7+TT could just completely replace the default jump list with a separate one?

The Quick Access pane is not a real solution, as it works *only* for the File Explorer Jump List.  I use Jump Lists all over, including for Word, Excel, my text editor, RDP, KeePass, and my browsers.  I find them extremely useful and time saving.  Not being able to rearrange them anymore is very painful for me.  Yet one more reason why I will delay upgrading to Win10 (from Win7) on as many of my computers for as long as possible.

Excellent point. That hadn't even occurred to me. And I agree, Win10 is a big step back in many, many ways. I'm sill undecided if I'm going to stick with it or go back to 7.

Btw on Windows 10, you can rearrange jumplist items using Open Shell Start Menu. That changes them for the Taskbar as well.