[Feature idea] Sort tasks in Taskbar by a user defined order instead of the order in which the programs were started

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Current situation

When no applications are pinned to the taskbar and applications are started/launched by the user, they appear in the Taskbar and are sorted in the Taskbar by the order in which they were started.


Let's assume a user has three applications named "B", "F" and "Z" installed on his computer and non of these apps are pinned to the Taskbar. Then the user launches the three applications in this order "Z", "F" and "B". The result is that the programs appear in the Taskbar in such a way that "Z" is the leftmost/first item in the Taskbar, "F" is in the middle and "B" is the last/rightmost item.

A fixed order that determines where and in which particular order the applications appear in the taskbar can only be achieved by pinning the applications to the Taskbar. (But pinning items to the Taskbar can waste a lot of space.)

Problem with this situation

Users launch their applications in different orders: Sometimes they launch "Z" first, sometimes they launch "F" first and so on. This brings the confusing result that in the Taskbar the applications always appear in different places / orders. So when switching between applications, user's first have to search with their eye where the running application is now located.

Feature idea and benefits

Please include a functionality in 7+ Taskbar Tweaker that allows users to assign custom order for applications in the Taskbar. This could be a list in which users could add applications ("B.exe", "F.exe", and "Z.exe"  for example) and assign a number to each application like "F.exe" = 1, "Z.exe" = 2 and "B.exe" = 3.


The result would be that the applications would always appear in the order "F" in the first place/leftmost, "Z" in the middle and "B" in the rightmost place in the Taskbar, no matter in which the user has launched them. All the other applications that are not included in this list always get sorted behind the rightmost item from the list (just like Taskbar does it now by sorting all non-pinned applications right of the pinned ones.)


Makes finding and switching between applications in the Taskbar faster because users know (or can anticipate) where they sit. And users can use muscle memory to move the mouse cursor to the desired items (like to the Startbutton that always sits in the left bottom corner.)

If anyone in the world could pull that off, then this would probably be you, RaMMicHaeL!


That would be really great! With that implemented, you will *always* have Win+1 to get to F.exe, Win+2 to get to Z.exe and Win+3 to get to B.exe (using the above example applications)

it would be really unnecessary since the pinning is fundamentally let you to decide the order (before any other programs start including the tweaker), and really gets haled on the dragging features with the needs of recording each of the event change etc..