Selectable choices for "Icon Only" or "Icon with Title"

Anonymous 6 years ago updated by vertigo 3 years ago 5
Presently display of ICON AND TITLE of Pinned programs or active programs on "Status Bar." Suggested method would be to display 'ICON' ONLY for selected programs or all.programs.

My reasoning is less clutter in the Status Bar because we know what the ICON is for each program we have installed on our systems, if not sure you can always click the one you are not sure of and it will become the front display on your desktop. Could also have the title displayed in a Tool Tip Window just below the ICON when hovering your mouse.
Do you mean this?

If yes, you can see the solution here:
That is NORMAL, what is referenced is even the open programs, top or background even minimized. No title just the ICON for that program. No hints or instructions, maybe if right clicking if selectable is available.

That solution did not cover what is desired, Thank You, if this is not available then guess we will just have to live with it the way it is.
"Lone Wanderer"
Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean. Could you perhaps post an image that explains it?
This is what is being shown now, what I am requesting is even those that are open programs but ICONized NOT display title in the Status Bar, may make a selection to display titles or NOT display titles for those programs that are open. Examples: Icon+Mozilla FireFox and Icon+Pegasus Mail presently shown this way, ICON (FireFox No TITLE) and ICON (Pegasus Mail NO TITLE) they would all appear the same. You could slightly enlarge the ICONs for those programs that are open but iconized OR give a different color for background of icon.

"Lone Wanderer"

I think ABrat is trying to have pinned items look the same (no label/text) when running as they do when closed, i.e. icon only in both cases. Perhaps they don't know about Taskbar Inspector. I realize it's been a few years ABrat, but if you see this, if that's what you meant, and if you still haven't figured it out, run the programs you want to only show the icons, open 7+TT's settings, click the Taskbar Inspector button at the bottom-right, find the programs in the list, right-click the first line for the program (not the line with the program name and icon, but the one above it with the arrow on the left), and set "Show labels" to never.