With grouping disabled, show labels only when multiple app instances are open

Honza Salajka 4 years ago updated by RaMMicHaeL 3 weeks ago 1

Following image describes it the best:

Since Chrome, Explorer and Notepad++ have only one open instance their label is hidden. Since Opera has two open instances the label of each instance is visible.

To me, it would have many benefits:

  • Single instances labels would be hidden because in most cases they are quite useless, saving some of the taskbar space
  • Multiple instances labels would be shown, allowing user to distinguish each instance. As a result, user would instantly know in which instance he/she is switching to
  • User would have permanent overview of what is open (no combining)

Similar behavior can be currently achieved by following settings:

  • In Windows Taskbar settings:
    • Never show labels
  • In 7+ Taskbar Tweaker:
    • Group by Application ID
    • Combine grouped buttons
    • Decombine active group
    • Decombine on mouse hover
    • ... and show labels

With these settings, labels are always hidden and multiple instances are grouped and combined. If you hover over a group, it becomes decombined while all the labels are shown.

However it doesn't satisfy my needs as it has few major disadvantages:

  • When switching windows you have to first focus on group you are switching to and hover over it, then you have to refocus and select particular window
  • You don't have permanent overview of open windows

For the reasons mentioned above I would like to be able to apply following settings:

  • In Windows Taskbar settings:
    • Never show labels
  • In 7+ Taskbar Tweaker:
    • Don't group
    • Don't combine grouped buttons
    • Show labels when multiple app instances are open (new feature)

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