Disable scroll bar when apps exceed taskbar size (allow smaller icons+labels or more rows)

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by vertigo 3 years ago 1

I am currently using the task bar vertically, but it bothered me horizontally to, I'd love for that pesky scroll bar to disappear (the one that when you open 1 extra app than space required and boom, 10 apps here, 1 app there) .

Anyway: dynanic icon size based on a max(normal icon size, taskbar / num apps open)

Or another awesome thing is to allow multi row taskbars like the horizontal.

I fully agree with this. I HATE when that happens, and whenever it does I'm forced to try to get a window closed as quickly as possible just so I can have normal use of the taskbar back. I'd rather the buttons shrink down to icon size before scrolling occurs.