Label masking.

Anonymous 7 years ago updated by vertigo 3 years ago 2
It would be a nice to have if we could put the label through a mask of some description to remove unwanted text. For example, the program LogExpert enforces the label to be LogExpert %s (where %s is the filename being viewed).

I would like to either force the "LogExpert" to be at the end (hard), force the filename component to be first in the label (easier), or just have the option to remove the first word from the label (easiest).
Yeah, having some quick way to remove certain strings from the labels would be really handy.. like a quick 'Search' + 'Replace' for user defined strings.

I came here to suggest something similar. In my case, the issue is with Office programs (Word, Excel, etc). For example, I have an Excel window open right now and the taskbar button says "Microsoft Exce..." which is completely useless. I can tell it's Excel based on the icon; what I need to see is what file is open in that particular window. It's strange because the title in the program itself is "File name - Microsoft Excel" so you would think that would be how it would display on the taskbar, but M$ would rather display the name of their program than actual useful info.

This appears to have been discussed here, though I'm not sure if the conclusion drawn there was that this isn't possible. It seems like it should be able to remove specified strings whenever found (e.g. "Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/etc - ").