Not working in Windows 8.1.

Anonymous 9 years ago updated by Michael (Ramen Software) 8 years ago 20

Not working in Windows 8.1. Error message: Could not load library (102)

Please fix it


Done in v4.3.

I second the comment, please fix asap :-)


First, there's nothing to "fix". It's not broken.

The tweaker assumes many things about the target OS. It cannot be easily ported to the new Windows 8.1, it's a time consuming task.
The same thing was done for Windows 8, and now it seems to work equally on both 7 and 8, but in fact there are many places where it does different things under the hood based on the Windows version.
The port to 8.1, though, will probably be easier then the port from 7 to 8 was.

Second... what's the rush? The preview version was released just yesterday.

I came to report this too, not that I'm surprised there are issues since it's a preview release that just came out and all, and I'm sure explorer.exe has changed. But the rush is that none of can live without this excellent utility! :)

I considered reformatting my computer with 8.0 just so I could get taskbar tweaker working again, actually.

For the time being, though, I have gotten things somewhat sane. I love and use all the features of tweaker, but the biggest issue with me has always been getting rid of 'thumbnail view' of windows. I multitask very, very extensively and that's always been SO visually disorienting.

If that's the *biggest* concern for others, you can at least fix that with a registry change I just found:

to 1.

On a side note, I am glad I installed 8.1 ... I could care less about the start button, but the search finally being 'unified' again is great.


I'm also having this problem with the 102 error message. If I can help troubleshoot or test (or even code if you let people do that) i'm willing to assist. Thanks RaMMicHaeL

Shiiiit :) Not workin' in 8.1 :)


This is a great app, Please update for 8.1!  

I'm also getting a (102) error on WIndows 8.1 preview.  I cannot live without the "cycle through windows" option under your "Left click on combined item" in my Windows 7 installation.  Thanks for a great app.  Look forward to when you get this fixed for 8.1.


Can't wait to see tweaker updated for Windows 8.1


I hope the updated tweaker will allow us to hide the start button in 8.1.


please make it work

Could you upload the experimental version somewhere else? Your site sends back a 404 error as stated in another comment, and the Softpedia link you provided is OK, but won't work with Windows 8.1. Thanks a lot in advance!

You can get it here, under "all files":
I wanted to temporary put this page on rammichael.com, but I couldn't find a hosting I could quickly use.

Thank you very much! It worked and correctly runs under Windows 8.1 Preview. Keep up the great work!

7+ Taskbar now warns me that there is an update available. Should I install it, or is it actually a version that was already available but not compatible with 8.1? Thanks in advance RaMMicHaeL. :]

No, that version (4.2.7) is not compatible with Windows 8.
Thanks for reminding me, I remove the notification for the experimental version.

Done in v4.3.
Hmm.. looks like there still may be problems in Windows 8.1.    Running 7+TT version 4.4.6, I'm getting the "Could not load library(107)" error.    This is a really nice tool.   Hope it isn't too hard to get this one fixed.  Thanks!   :-)
This bug report is about Windows 8.1. The 107 error occurs in Windows 8.1 update 1.
Relevant bug report:
More information:
7+ Taskbar Tweaker and Windows 8.1 Update 1