Sort tray icons that belong to the same process

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by V@no 6 years ago 3
Since Windows 7 tray icons can be sorted with drag and drop. But if an application has multiple tray icons or multiple instances of the same application are running these icons can only be moved as a group.
Please make it possible to sort the icons within these groups. For example in the same way as it is possible to move grouped items with the option "Drag within/between groups using right mouse button".
The sorting doesn't necessarily have to be saved in the registry as this could be very complicated.
One example for an application with multiple tray icons is Process Explorer. Enable all try icons and try to sort them. The order changes, but not in a predictable way.
Just found this with AutoHotKey. Please can we have a way to ungroup them?

I'm pretty sure the software that creates icons is to blame. HD Sentinel does this too by attempting display icons in a specific order, instead of let user control to order.

Annoying as hell.