Disable Taskbar always on top

Jáchym Toušek 8 years ago updated by RaMMicHaeL 4 years ago 42

I'd like to be able to disable taskbar's always on top feature because I'd like to have a virtual desktop manager (namely Altdesk) on top of it. See screenshot fo my taskbar.

It's very convenient to use if you need to work on multiple projects at once. Taskbar Twaeker could make it easier.

There is an old topic how to do it here but the solution does not work after some windows updates and also probably does not work under win8.


I would love to see this feature.  The always-on-top aspect of the taskbar is the one thing about Windows 7 that I dislike.  Seems like a bad regression in function from older Windows (98, XP).  I too have tried other solutions but they either don't work or have unfortunate side-effects.
The always-on-top Taskbar of Windows 8.1 is regrettable. Windows XP, 2000, 98 and 95 allowed the user to enable or disable always-on-top for the Taskbar -- which was very helpful. It would be wonderful if 7+ Taskbar Tweaker could provide a solution!
Having a way to disable always on top for the Win8/8.1 taskbar is an excellent idea. If one uses a wide vertical taskbar, then the taskbar often appears when it is not wanted, simply by inadvertently positioning the mouse pointer too close to the edge of the display. The better and more stable idea is to disable both auto-hide and always on top, and then to use the left Windows key (or some other technique) to bring the taskbar to the top only when it is wanted. So if disabling always on top can be added to 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, I think that would be a valued and popular feature.
Implemented in the beta version. Please try it out.
RaMMicHael, the beta works! Congratulations!
What a relief! A taskbar that does what its user wants is a Good Thing.
I've been waiting for this feature since years! Had this taskbar-on-top-disabled-tweak and then the great Titlebarguard - both discontinued. Now it's implemented that the always on taskbar is BEHIND any window? Great!
The problem is: I'm too stupid to find this feature.I have beta v. installed and there is no "disable_topmost" feature...
RaMMicHael: Thanks so much, I found it. Never knew that there was this right-click-option.
The new feature is close to perfect - a window now laps over the taskbar.
But I have a self-made-problem: My taskbar is on the top of the screen. When I move for example a firefox window to the top, there is still a gap to the edge of the screen, some millimeters, the window will not completely step over the taskbar. And I can't drop it over the taskbar - it jumps directly under the taskbar. This will not happen when the taskbar is on the right, the left or at the buttom. Then a window is complety overlapping the taskbar and it will stay there if dropped.
Is this something I can fix?
And the whole feature would be perfect if putting a window to full screen the taskbar hides completely...
You might want to try the auto-hide taskbar setting.
thank for noted about right click option
This nervous popping taskbar-thing everytime you come near? No thanks...
I guess, I'm getting old. I liked the XP-style when the taskbar is always on (and in my case on top of the screen) but behaves like a desktop-symbol so every window goes right over it, especially in full screen.
So RaMMicHael, one boring day, when you have nothing better to do...
Hello RaMMicHael
Sorry, I wasn't expecting that there will be another answer, so I didn't check this thread for a long time.
Thank you for answering - I was really exicited that the brandnew update changes the taskbar-not-on-top-issue, but I'm afraid it's not working. At least with my strange desktop. As I told you my taskbar is not at the buttom of the screen but on the top.
With your new update a windows goes on top of the taskbar (thats good) but it won't stay there if I drop it (thats bad). The window stays right under the visible taskbar. Same if I put the window to full screen: the taskbar is still there.
What a strange little program "Titlebar Guard" by Luke Liu was, it does exact what I want (...but was discontinued...)
RaMMicHael: I'm not expecting you to work on this exotic topic, I just want to report. And say thanks.
RaMMicHaeL I'm afraid it doesn't work for me. I have an application with activated "always on top" setting and I've set the taskbar tweaker disable_topmost feature to 1 (and rebooted my PC to be certain). Then I can drag the application above the taskbar. However when I click on the taskbar, the application immediately hides behind it which should not happen. I need the application to always stay above the taskbar.
How can I reproduce the issue?
What application are you trying it with?
What OS are you using? (Windows 8, right?)
Do you have any other tweaking tools, such as a custom start menu?
The application that I would like to keep on top of the taskbar is altdesk (http://www.astonshell.com/altdesk/).
I'm using windows 7 x64, I don't use any other tweaking tools.
I believe that I could reproduce and fix the issue.
Please try the new beta version.
Wow! It really works now! Thank you very much. :-)

I'll contact you again if I ran into any issues.
How did you manage to do that please ? I like to use my 2nd screen while watching something on the other one. Help please ! :)
Yes! It's working much better now. Is there any way that a window will go completely over the taskbar when putting it to full screen?
Ah! Found it! Disable Topmost, Data: 2.
Been waiting for this since years! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Was that difficult to do? Or just an exotic topic?
I'm glad that you found exactly what you wanted :)

Was that difficult to do? Or just an exotic topic?
I'd say it's both. As with most non-trivial tweaks, I had to spend several hours on a debugging session of explorer. Eventually I ended up implementing the second option (disable_topmost = 2) by using a feature built into explorer. I think explorer uses it when it locks the computer or something.
Let's hope, it will survive Windows 10... 
Disable Topmost, Data: 2.

Thank you very much for this I've been struggling with the silly auto hide "feature" for months now. This is how I liked it since I first found the option in Win XP years ago. <3
When I setup the disable_topmost=2 the "not always on top" feature works fine, but unfortunately after a while the toolbar will be always on top again. (Don't know what triggers it) If I kill the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and restart it again it works for some minutes but after that the same as before.
Any idea? I have win 7 SP1
No, I have no idea as of why this happens. Are you using any extra customizing tools, such as Classic Shell?
You are fast ;)
No extra tools. The notebook is a preinstalled by the company. Something can be in the background.
Well, I get email notifications for the comments here :)
Unfortunately, I cannot say much without having a way to reproduce it. If you can find a scenario where it stops working, please let me know.
Also, disable_topmost=2 does two things: makes the taskbar non-topmost, and allows windows to be maximized beyond the taskbar. Which of these two features stop working?
Similar thing happens to me about once week as well - altdesk mysteriously hides behind the taskbar. I didn't report it because I can't reliably reproduce it. Whenever it happens I open a media player like KM-Player or Media Player Classic, press enter (which toggles the fullscreen mode of the player) several times and click to a different application window. Then my altdesk appears on the top again. Anyway as it doesn't happen very often it doesn't bother me much.

By the way the tool I have used before you implemented this feature (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/54842-taskbar-always-top-disable-enable.html) has the same bug as well. Well more like had, after some windows updates the tool doesn't work at all.
Both features stop working. I'll try to observe the triggering scenario.
Hey just like to say I love your commitment and thanks for the tweaks.
Hello! Taskbar should be always visible on desktop and should autohide when the window is maximized. Is there any way to make this dock-like behavior?
helloamazing program
found it from here

apparently the creater of this suggest 7+ as better alternative

both programs do the job partially

masher creates a process that keeps all windows above taskbar
however when u maximize a program it doesnt cover the taskbar so u still loose a portion of the screen

7+ is pretty amazing and can actuallly override that so a window can cover the whole screen

howerver when it does pressing the window button opens the windows start menu but the taskbar is still hidden behind the maximized window

how do i fix that?

guys, how can i do the opposite, everytime i open chrome and maximize it, the taskbar disappears (not pressing F11)

hi, i experienced with this dialog "Could not load library (109)".
How do i solve it ?

Thank you


It's not related to disabling taskbar always on top, is it?

In any case, it might be because you're using Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is not supported at this time.

See also:


how do you make it NOT do the allways on top

In the discussion above you say that it is possible to disable always-on-top in Windows-7. I've installed the Tweaker, and I don't see such option in the menu. Can you tell what is the name of the menu option in which always-on-top can be disabled?

Use the disable_topmost advanced option. Refer to the help file for more details.