Installation for all users

[HYBRID BEING] 4 weeks ago updated by RaMMicHaeL 4 weeks ago 5

Would be nice to have an option in installer for a system-wide installation of 7TT. That is, elevated install/uninstall to/from Program Files (or Program Files x86), auto-run for all users, settings in HKLM.

I tried going the portable way, but despite running 7TT elevated it still had problems creating ini file (created but it was empty, and so were advanced settings) in Program Files. With portable install one also has to remember to add/remove 7TT to startup queue manually.

If settings are in HKLM, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker has to be running as administrator to be able to change them.

Hmm, i guess there's much more to consider, than i initially thought.

Maybe having separate settings for different users is a way to go after all. Or, maybe (just throwing ideas around), it can read settings from HKLM, but write to HKCU if not elevated (so settings in HKLM are treated as default values for new users).

It would also need elevation for updates, wouldn't it? How does that currently work for Program Files installations?

Currently, options are either in HKCU (non-portable) or in an ini file (portable). If you install 7+ Taskbar Tweaker in Program Files (non-portable), each user still has his own settings.

Yeah, i meant, how does 7TT update when installed to Program Files? Does it fail to do until started elevated?

Oh, I actually implemented support for this scenario, the installer is launched as elevated: