Windows 7 vertical taskbar with mutiple columns like in XP

Anonymous 9 years ago updated 5 years ago 8
If using left or right side taskbar, then Windows 7 misses the feature to have multiple columns when lots of applications are open. I really hope this feature an be added.


Me too, is it possible?

I would also love this feature.

please please please would love it too, also  shrinking width of the vertical toolbar to the size of smalls icons or of the clock 12:12
That's not a trivial task. I might get to it one day, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen in the near future.
As for the taskbar width, there's the "no_width_limit" advanced option. Refer to the help file for more details.
I have been waiting for that feature. Please please do it. It would be super awesome. Thanks.
If displaying the whole apps is too difficult, perhaps just scrolling between columns with the mouse Wheel instead of cycling between taskbar buttons would be a useful solution.
Under review
That's already possible with the "multipage_wheel_scroll" advanced option. See the help file for more details.

Is the multiple column feature available on vertical taskbar now?