Switch between playback devices

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One of my favorite feature is the volume control when using the mouse wheel on top of the modification area.

If it was possible to have an option to switch between the playback devices with a mouse wheel click, that would be amazing.
I need to open 3 menus evey time I want to switch between my hdmi outpout and my headphones.

Keep up the wonderfull work.

Bisous partout.

I second that! At work I've got even three devices. And I'm actually switching between these multiple times per day: 

  • business call - headphones, 
  • HQ music playback - good Headphones, 
  • no one around? - turn it up on the external speakers.

I came to love the possibilities after setting up WIN+ESC for toggling between "auto hide taskbar/show taskbar".

A customizable shortcut action for cycling through playback devices would be the next mind blowing improvement.